Image: Michael Novak

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Six seats, one skinny counter, and Chemex “vases” sprouting flowers fill this Latin-proud coffee shop, which highlights Mexican growers and gives coffee nomenclature a Latin American twist. That includes just about everything, from the shop’s name (in Mexico, a ubiquitous community gathering spot) to the all-Spanish language menu, to the trio of “cortaditos” on offer. Those cortado hybrids include a condensed milk Cubano (in honor of pre-Castro Cuban coffee); Mexican, with distilled café de olla spices; and Brazilian, which tastes like chocolate truffles.

Kiosko’s next-level “ahogados” (that’s Spanish for affogato, or espresso-drowned ice cream) are key for early summer walks along the waterfront: three flavors dreamed up using Beaverton’s Mexican ice cream and paletas operation Ome Calli. Recently, that included a spicy chocolate mole number covered in cocoa nibs, freeze-dried raspberry, and pepitas, as well as a sweet, creamy horchata with almonds and a wafer for dipping.

Meal Times
Coffee, Dessert
Good to Know
Child Friendly, Counter Service, Outdoor Dining, Takeout


1816 SW River Drive, Portland, OR, 97201
7 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily