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In the Central Eastside, Biwa’s new sister spot Noraneko recasts the Japanese ramen den as a health-food cocktail bar, where noodles with light broths (shio, shoyu, miso, or surprisingly hearty mushroom) can be chased with a carrot juice or roasted brown rice cream soda good enough to shame a Dr. Brown’s. Co-owner Gabe Rosen’s outsize dream: “to go bigger and deeper than anyone in Chinese tea service.” In the meantime, claim a seat and nibble your way through plates of sizzle-hot potato-flour-coated fried chicken (gluten-free and addictive), cheeky ’80s-style chopped veggie salad, and juicy gyoza.

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Dinner, Late Night, Lunch
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1430 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR, 97214
Central Eastside Industrial District  •  503-238-6356
Sun-Mon: 11 am - 2 am