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The crust’s the thing at this humble house of pan pizza in Woodlawn: sturdy yet shatter-crisp, embedded with cheese frizzles, and irresistible. The menu mashes up Detroit deep dish and garlicky Sicilian “grandma pies”—and there’s not a bad topping combo among them. But order the Number 4, lavished with sausage crumbles, spicy chiles, and mounds of ricotta to cut the heat, and you will know pure pizza pleasure.

Meal Times
Dinner, Lunch
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Ranch Pizza

1760 NE Dekum St, Portland, OR, 97211
Mon-Fri: 11AM-2PM, 5PM–10PM Sat-Sun: 11AM-10PM

Poison's Rainbow

344 NE 28TH AVE, Portland, OR, 97232
Mon-Thurs: 3PM–12:30AM, Fri-Sun: 3PM-2AM