Photography by Karen Brooks

Photography by Erica J. Mitchell

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While you were in your usual biscuit coma, Roman Candle quietly perfected the breakfast of champions: light and lean, with flavors to keep you happy and healthy. This may be Portland’s best daily a.m. menu right now. Chef Joshua McFadden oversees the menu at both Roman and sister restaurant Ava Gene’s. His Old World Cereal is a warm ooze of heritage rye, cracked emmer, flax seeds, sprouted raw almonds, and maple syrup, simmered in almond milk. It makes standard issue oatmeal curl up in a corner and quiver. House granola sports olive oil roasted oats, pumpkin seeds, giant cracks of pistachio, and thick yogurt. Just-baked bread shines everywhere: sourdough toast stacked alongside shakshuka like “eggs in purgatory,” or a fab slab of raisin-cocoa-walnut bread beneath fresh hazelnut butter, bitter chocolate, and roasted nuts.

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Roman Candle Baking Co

3377 SE Division St, Portland, OR, 97202
Division/Clinton  •  971-302-6605
Sun-Mon: 7am - 9pm