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Despite its obscure location on a rarely traversed stretch of SE Gladstone Street, this cramped sushi hub has so many hopefuls standing in line that the owners have devised a complex waiting system that includes a questionnaire on which customers must specify where they will be for the next hour (in the neighboring C Bar, at the tables outside, at your home if you live in the neighborhood, someplace close by with cell phone reception, etc.). What’s everyone willing to wait an hour for? While there’s very good udon soup and teriyaki chicken to be had, diners’ hunger pangs seem primarily focused on Yoko’s sashimi and sushi, which ranges from the California roll to the Walla Walla roll—tempura-fried Walla Walla onions, crab, avocado and sushi rice. Service can be a bit inattentive at times, but such attitude seems to fit right in with the surfer-shack atmosphere and the mood music, which one night looped an entire Kinks album until closing.

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Yoko's Japanese Restaurant

2878 SE Gladstone, Portland, OR, 97202
Foster-Powell  •  503-736-9228