Image: David Gaston

Asian, Dessert, Mexican
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Zero Degrees, home of chamoy-drizzled Dole whips, split-cup boba teas, and a black waffle cone stuffed with popcorn chicken, is a weird, wonderful animal that’s anathema to our Stumptown DNA: It’s an out-of-town chain worth visiting. With busy outposts on 82nd Avenue and in Beaverton, this California-born “Mexican-Hispanic fusion cafe” excels at mango-fan topped fresh fruit slushies, milk teas, and baroque sundae creations topped with a carnival of fruit, candy, and crumbles that taste surprisingly fresh and real. Skip the roster of global mash-up junk food and proceed directly to the rainbow marshmallow-topped ube milkshake (made with purple yam and taro powder, it looks like a My Little Pony nightmare but tastes like earthy, buttery kettle corn buzzed to a crystalline froth). Even better, dive into a spicy Dole whip float: its uber-dense (vegan!) pineapple soft serve peaks adorned with strawberries, tart-pickled fruity chamoy sauce, and flecks of Tajin chile salt. Besides avocados and Damian Lillard, Zero Degrees might be the only thing from California even a Portland partisan would admit to liking.


Meal Times
Coffee, Dessert, Dinner, Lunch
Good to Know
Child Friendly, Counter Service, Noisy, Parking, Takeout

Zero Degrees Beaverton

1315 NW 185th Ave, Beaverton, OR, 97006
(503) 531 - 8308
11 am-10 pm daily.

Zero Degrees Portland

8220 SE Harrison St, Suite 3, Portland, OR, 97216
11 am-10 pm daily.