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The Find: The habanero caramel

Sure, habanero is another entry in the flavored-caramel trend, but owner Sarah Hart’s version mixes hot and cool—literally—with chiles and cream. A former grant writer who moonlighted in the food world, Hart opened Alma four years ago. Inspired by sweets from around the globe, Alma offers such delicacies as Thai peanut butter cups, toffee studded with pistachios (in a departure from the usual almonds), candies made with fresh local cherries and Oregon hazelnuts, and a fine selection of top European and American chocolate bars like Valrhona and Pralus. Alma’s icons—dark chocolate shaped into images like the Virgin of Guadalupe or the Buddha and then gilded in edible gold—turn an already spiritual experience into something akin to religious ecstasy. And you can wash any of them down with a Spella espresso.

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Alma Chocolate

140 NE 28th Ave, Portland, OR, 97232-3146
Kerns/Laurelhurst  •  503-517-0262
Mon- Thu 11 AM- 6 PM <br /> Fri-Sat 11 AM-7 PM <br /> Sun 12-5pm