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Antiques, Gifts & Jewelry, Mens Apparel, Womens Apparel

Purchased primarily from private collections, Avalon’s expertly curated garments and accessories represent every decade from the 1850s to the 1980s, including shimmy-worthy flapper dresses, World War II era leather bomber jackets, and cardigans and suits that channel style icons from Humphrey Bogart to Morrissey.

Located just a fedora’s throw from downtown hotels, Avalon is a popular destination for visiting rock bands like Aerosmith and the White Stripes, while an inventory rich in both quality and quantity makes the store a (velvet) goldmine for film costumers—or anyone else looking for period precision. 


410 SW Oak, Portland, OR, 97205
Downtown  •  503-224-7156
Sun-Mon: 12-6