Valentine's Day

Last-Minute Local Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Love

From heart-shaped mugs to chocolate baskets to nude paintings, Portland makers and stores have all you need.

By Fiona McCann and Julia Silverman

An "I love you more" mug from Make Good Choices

Obviously, you've spent the whole year finding ways to express your love to the object of your affection—bestie or boo or, frankly, your wonderful self. But this declared day of love comes upon us all, no matter how we resist it, and even the most cynical among us admit that it's not a bad thing to get a little "I love you" in material form on the 14th. We defy your stone cold hearts to remain unmelted by this selection of local goodies, from bedazzling unicorn mugs to Technicolor nudes. 

Make Good Choices

Self-described (though we couldn’t say it better) “queer sparkle queen” Alex Simon crafts ceramic magic from her Portland studio. Though her shiny rainbow bedazzled pipes are also popular, her Valentine’s collection of heart-shaped unicorn mugs replete with glittery gold horns and wildly glorious color finishes are a full-on declaration of love like no other. $160-175,

Betsy and Iya

If you’re ready to take this love to the next level, Betsy and Iya’s new diamond ring collection of modern, boldly shaped bling has you covered. Further down the budget and commitment scale, though, a cuff in the shape of the Willamette River (see above) is a gorgeous, rooted-right-here alternative. $64,

Anna Rogers

In wild color and glorious detail, local illustrator Anna Rogers’s prints depict nudes like you’ve never seen them, full-body depictions in riots of pink and yellow for the objection of your affection, even if it's just yourself. Self love is fully supported here, folks. Prints from $30,

Coy & Co Flowers

Want to show that your love lasts far beyond one Hallmark holiday? East Burnside-based Coy & Co offers sustainable flower delivery subscriptions so you can sign up your boo for bouquets every month. (Or every week if you’re really smitten.) From $42.75 per bouquet,

Tender Loving Empire

Not all gifts last forever, and the sweet tooth care package from Tender Loving Empire may end up being more ephemeral than most, given that it’s stocked full of delights including Treehouse Originals drinking chocolate, a Woodblock chocolate bar, Whimsy chocolate truffles and more. Bonus: Spend more than $40 (like on this sugar bomb) and you get a free Valentine’s Day card. $45,


Plant the seeds for the growth and blossoming of your love (so much mileage in a good plant pun, amirite?) with something from Ecovibe’s lush collection, like this Calathea Rufibarba. For a ten percent discount off this and everything else in the store and online, subscribe to the shop's email newsletter this weekend. Plants from $8,

Rise Up Remedies

Listen, these past few years have been a lot, even for those who've spent them in a love bubble. Show your significant other that you understand the toll all that emotional labor has taken (because we're all Luisa from Encanto now, right?) with a gift set from women-owned Rise Up Remedies, an organic herb farm in Gresham. We're partial to the Lucid Dreamer set ourselves; $48 gets you two ounces of potent Mugwort dream oil, a jar of bath salts made from California poppy, mugwort, lemon balm, and tulsi, and some tea to aid in clarifying dreams. Hopefully, they'll be dreaming of you all night long. $48,

The Portland Book of Dates

Penned by ever-beloved former Portland Monthly Style Editor Eden Dawn, this perennial bestseller offers up all the experiential gifts your loved one might desire, from mini ice cream dates to kayak adventures or wine country indulgences. All the ideas in one place, for your bestie or boo, so you don’t have to think of anything. $19.95



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