It’s Official: Water Birth Carries No Added Risk

According to a groundbreaking Oregon State study, it’s just as safe to deliver in water as on land.

06/24/2016 Illustrations by Sarah Hopwood


How Portland Helps the World’s LGBT Couples Have Babies

Would-be parents from across the globe converge here for science, surrogates, and security.

06/24/2016 By Marty Patail


Portland’s Top Doctors & Nurses 2016

We tallied more than 11,000 peer votes from doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and complementary medicine providers for our annual guide to the city’s best.

12/30/2015 Edited by Ramona DeNies


This Oregon Company Was Growing and Selling Natural Medicine Before It Was Cool

Williams, Oregon’s Herb Pharm is a giant in the world of holistic tinctures and remedies—and it all got started at Powell's Books.

09/21/2015 By Katelyn Best


A Portland-Led Approach to Transgender Health Care

Local doctors are reshaping how medicine approaches transgender kids and adults.

07/13/2015 By Hannah Wallace


4 Local Alt-Medicine Innovators

Meet a handful of locals blazing trails in complementary care.

07/16/2014 By Hannah Wallace Illustrations by Matty Newton


50 Moments That Shaped Portland

Our spin through Portland’s raucous 170 years reveals a city molded by punks and power brokers, by brilliant breakthroughs and a few heinous mistakes.

12/02/2013 By Randy Gragg With Zach Dundas, Marty Patail, Marco España, Caitlin Feldman, Cari Johnson, Alexandria Bordas, and Doug Kenck-Crispin