Spooks and scares await at the Milburn Manor

Halloween may still be a few weeks away, but spiritually? We're already there. And what better way to celebrate than to visit a haunted house, of which there are plenty in the Portland area. Whether you want to get lost inside a Victorian labyrinth and fight to keep your soul away from Madam Underhill or fight your way through the pitch-black while avoiding ghosts and other monsters, the right haunted house is out there for your particular spectral specs.

Here are seven of our favorite haunted houses in and around Portland to get your spook on. Most of these locations are recommended for people over the age of 13, with a couple of exceptions; check websites for dates and times.

In Portland

The Fear PDX

12301 NE Glisan Street
Price: General admission is $29.99; VIP (skip the line) is $49.99.

The Fear PDX is the self-proclaimed holder of the title of “Portland’s Scariest Haunted House,” so this is not for the faint of heart (literally, they warn those with heart conditions or high blood pressure that this experience may not be for them). There are five main attractions, including “The Blood House,” a once fun and enjoyable family carnival turned deadly, and the abandoned “Factory 13,” where guests need to work through the twists and turns of underground tunnels to make it out, hopefully intact.

Oaks Park ScareGrounds

7805 SE Oaks Park Way
Price: $24.95-59.95, save $5 on each ticket by purchasing online

In October, Portland's classic midway, Oaks Park, turns to the dark side, hosting three haunted houses and a graveyard pumpkin patch, in addition to its usual theme park rides. Each haunted house has a theme: pick from a run-down manor, the site of a crashed meteor that produced a new mutant, or the resting place of the undead. There are also events for the younger set, with trick or treating available up and down the midway and rides both gentle and spine-tingling.

Underhill Haunted House and Fearlandia

300 N Winning Way
Price: General admission is $25, VIP is $50, and Monster Fest is $8

Originally known as “The Beneath,” Underhill is teaming up with Fearlandia this year for three elaborate main attractions, including a creepy employee orientation at a chemical company where an employee has gone missing, a collection of your worst nightmares across several rooms, and a Victorian labyrinth where "Madam Underhill" collects lost souls. Younger audiences should check out the Monster Fest on October 23 and 24,  where the haunted areas will be open for roaming in daylight, which is much less scary.

Outside Portland

Cinema of Horrors Drive-In

17402 NE Delfel Rd, Ridgefield, WA
Price: $69 per car

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a horror movie? Probably not, but you get the chance to do so anyway at this COVID-19 friendly drive-in experience. You'll watch a movie in the safety of your car, while Halloween horrors lurk around the lot and try to scare you senseless.

Intricate graves draw crowds of onlookers to the Davis Graveyard in Milwaukie.

Image: Scott Tice

Davis Graveyard

8703 SE 43rd Ave, Milwaukie
Price: Free

The Davis Graveyard was started in 1997 by Halloween-obsessed couple Chris and Jeff Davis. Every year they transform their property into a spooky spectacle that passersby can come and view for free. That price is right, but it's not an interactive experience—you'll be viewing the intricate graveyards from the other side of their fence. Actors and a team of crafting experts all help put on this production, which draws hundreds of people every year.

Milburn’s Haunted Manor

11503 Broadacres Road, Hubbard, OR
Price: $15 for one attraction, $25 for both.

Both of the haunted attractions here claim that you'll scream yourself silly before you're through. “The Dark” is a series of chambers where guests work their way through in complete darkness, hoping to avoid any of the ghosts and ghouls lurking in the blackness, while the legend over at “The Manor” is that it is haunted by the ghost of a killer kid, who murdered both of her parents. Guests can calm their nerves or fuel up for the adventure at the site's grill, which offers treats like bacon-infused funnel cakes, fresh curly fries, and apple cider.

On the streets of Halloweentown in St. Helens.

Spirit of Halloweentown in St. Helens Oregon

275 Strand Street St. Helens
Price: General admission is $35, with optional add-ons.

In October, the whole city of St. Helens, Oregon transforms into the ultimate city-wide celebration of Halloween. The town was the backdrop for the movie “Halloweentown” in 1998, which is arguably the best Halloween movie ever made (fight us).  There are many events for visitors to check out, but some of the main attractions include the Haunted Hotel, a trail of carved pumpkins by Wade Lapp that includes a hunt for Sasquatch, and a museum of peculiarities and oddities. General admission tickets cover most, but not all, events.

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