Summer of Sam

Prepare for the political evisceration of Mr. Adams

By Sam Holder May 8, 2009

The Recall Sam Adams movement is ramping up. Just look at this hard–hitting ad released a few days ago by the folks over at

Yeah, my mind was blown too.

Still, July 1st is quickly approaching. The truth is, there are probably 31,000 folks within Portland’s borders who can be persuaded to jump on the recall-petition bandwagon. And why not? The guy did lie. A lot. Consider this little nugget produced by the Oregonian under Oregon’s public records law. It’s one thing to read about his indiscretions and public sins, but it’s quite another to have that wound reopened while listening to Adams flatly deny the charges to Willamette Week’s investigative team. I mean, you can almost hear the sweat trickling down his brow.

Not to mention, the Oregonian’s report uncovered phone records between Adams and Breedlove that revealed 33 calls made—mostly from the former to the latter—while the former legislative intern was still a pink–faced minor.

Things aren’t exactly going well for Mr. Mayor, anyway. The Rose Quarter snafu (which seems to grow stickier and stickier by the minute; check out our forthcoming June issue for more on this…) has left Adams with little political capital. Oh, and there’s also that little issue of Sammy smashing his truck into a motorist in Jantzen Beach—an incident that has yet to produce any violations (moving or otherwise), but continues to have unanswered questions. (He continued to accelerate after the collision? Two witnesses reported alcohol on his breath? His zipper was down?)

I say, let the people have their election—let’s decide his fate in the context of both his scandalous behavior and his merits. (Now, if only we had a time machine and a federal recall process for the 2000 presidential election.)

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