Home and Garden in the May Issue

Domestic dispatches from Portland Monthly's May issue, including big ideas for colorful DIY family style

By Allison Jones May 3, 2013

Color, pattern, and texture run wild in the Gallaghers’ house, from the wall of printed metal scales that Tim hung in the living room to the back patio illuminated by a steel fire pit, the knitted lampshades in the dining areas, and the inspirational adages throughout.

In the May issue of Portland Monthly, At Home readers will:

← Explore an inspiring residence mixing family-friendly DIY home design with high style in Northwest Portland. 

◊ Learn how to grow layered, packed-in plants for spring gardening success.

◊ Find flexitarian chef Abby Fammartino's recipe for gluten-free potato gnocchi, a spring dish almost anyone can enjoy (complete with a how-to video!).

◊ Get our picks for your calendar this month, from Woodburn's Tulip Fest to McMenamins' UFO Festival.

◊ Listen in to our interview with food politics guru Michael Pollan as he discusses his new book, Cooked: a Natural History of Transformation.

◊ Discover how WeVillage, a Portland drop-in childcare start-up, is giving modern parents better daycare choices.

◊ Open up the Trophy Case filled with May's best locally-made stuff, from inspired local spring dresses to tees lampooning our neighbors across the Columbia. 

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