White is Right At Home

We're reminded that design in the classic, clean color goes well with anything, anytime.

By Kristin Belz June 26, 2013

Classic white. The simple, timeless authority and everyday appropriateness of this color comes to mind recently because of a certain large white building in our nation’s capitol where nine people are making some big decisions. Yes, I’m talking about the Supreme Court, not the most famous white building in Washington, D.C. (not even #2), but often pictured in the mass media this week as #SCOTUS has been sending down verdicts that affect all of us in some way.

With that reminder of the power of plain white as it is used in classic design, we take a look at some lasting and lovely white housewares and home décor. Many things must change over time, and some finally do (thank you, Supremes), but others are just fine the way they’ve been for ages.  

Examples: Pfaltzgraff Heritage white stoneware at a family dinner, or Eva Zeisel ceramics, or a shell, or a salvaged fragment of molded tin frieze, or the Space Needle (which actually wasn’t originally white!). White is the color of astronaut suits and the Greek Temples (they weren’t originally white either).

Take our Slide Show tour of designs in classic white. What are your favorite white buildings, housewares or design objects?

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