Lucky Dogs

The Dog Day of Summer dinner hosted people and pooches to benefit the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital.

May 19, 2009 Published in the November 2008 issue of Portland Monthly


Veronica Anderson and her pug, Remmington, place their order for a memorable dinner at Jake’s Famous Crawfish.

Jake’s Famous Crawfish commemorated the 35th anniversary of Portland’s DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital by hosting its third annual “Dog Day of Summer” dinner on August 24. A record crowd of 137 pooches sniffed out the good times, nosing in on specially prepared menu items such as German Shepherd Pie and Tuna Poodle Casserole. All told, the canines (with the help of their owners) kicked in more than $4,000 for the animal hospital.

Canines like B.J. (pictured right), had plenty to howl about during the “Dog Day of Summer” party. Proceeds will fund improvements to DoveLewis’s 24-hour emergency room in Northwest Portland as well as the hospital’s pet adoption program.

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