Little Sue

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By John Chandler May 19, 2009 Published in the January 2009 issue of Portland Monthly

It’s been almost five years since country songstress Susannah Weaver released her last album under the moniker Little Sue. But that doesn’t mean Weaver hasn’t been busy. During that stretch she joined Casey Neill and the Norway Rats, negotiated a record deal she came to regret, and had a baby. Time has not diminished Weaver’s delicate soprano and observational eye, as she proves on Baby Knows Better (self-released). Motherhood, romance, and new musical collaborations have provided her with a replenished well of experience to draw from. On the touching “Little Superman,” about her son, she coos, “I found the best part of me in you,” a departure from her usual bounty of broken hearts and regret. And while serenity isn’t an attribute usually associated with country music, Little Sue makes domestic life sound not only attainable but pretty damn awesome as well.

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