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Adam Shearer’s nasally whine still has a hard time working itself into anything approaching a snarl, but on Weinland’s second album, Breaks in the Sun, the rest of the band has been given more room to serve the underlying themes of heartbreak and drunk belligerence. This generally means bashing the holy hell out of their instruments. Granted, Fugazi this isn’t. Somber back-biting still reigns. But there is less restraint and, at times, there’s downright mayhem in these new songs. “I’m Sure It Helps” takes an unassuming keyboard ditty and distorts it into a vicious death mask for a failed relationship. “Autumn Blood” rides along on a propulsive, slightly disco high-hat before plateauing into a barroom hootenanny. “It’s Already True” builds to a lightning strike of electric slide guitar. By embracing its nastier side, Weinland has made an album better than its first. That’s saying something. Besides, when spitting out vicious questions like “How could your heart waste blood on me?” it helps to have a gnarly postapocalyptic guitar solo.

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