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Manor of Art at Milepost 5 at 5

conversation from the page to the real world

By Lisa Radon August 22, 2009

Comments on my initial review of Manor of Art (900 NE 81st) have been extensive, awesome, thoughtful, heated, and sometimes juvenile. It’s fantastic that we can make a platform for this kind of exchange. Now the conversation heads to the real world with a "tour" of the Manor at 5 PM today. One of the artists in the show, Gabe Flores, has invited commenters, artists, and the rest of us to meet at the Manor for a walk-and-talk. He’s calling it the "Culturephile Comments Tour." There have been so many issues raised in the comments, about the values of community, criticism, conversation, massives like the Manor, and so much more that I’m going to write another post to summarize. There’s no way we can hit even part of it today, but I for one am game to see what comes out of Gabe’s idea. Having the interchange move from the world to online and back to the world fascinates me. See you at the Manor.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of links to photos of the show from Milepost 5 which looks to be doing a great job of documentation, from Calvin Ross Carl’s OPENWIDEpdx, and Richard Schemmerer’s photos on PDX Art Portal.

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