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TBA:09 Meg Stuart Preview

TBA Artistic Director introduces one of the TBA:09 artists on TBA blog

By Lisa Radon August 13, 2009

Not sure if I’m more wild about PICA bringing Brussels-based American choreographer Meg Stuart to Portland for the Time-Based Art Festival, TBA:09, or about guest artistic director Cathy Edwards doing a series of great previews on the TBA blog about artists including Stuart.

There is a video preview of Stuart’s piece, “Maybe Forever”, on YouTube. A collaboration with Austrian choreographer Philipp Gehmacher, “Maybe Forever,” from what I saw in the preview, is overtly “about” relationship as so many duets may be, but brilliant in its innovative movements suggesting aborted attempts at connection and communication. And I can’t get the music by Brussels singer-songwriter Niko Hafkenscheid out of my head. The performance comes to Portland September 4th and 5th.

Tickets for all TBA:09 Festival events and performances are available now.

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