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Future Death Toll

at FalseFront Studio tonight

By Lisa Radon September 12, 2009

Future Death Toll

If HEALTH didn’t drill you a new earhole last night at the WORKS, it looks like you have another opportunity for an aggro-aural experience under an art auspices at FalseFront Studio (4518 NE 32nd) tonight at 8 PM. Artist collaborative Future Death Toll, recently relocated from Omaha, Neb., makes its Portland debut tonight with Suberbass: A Tragedy, featuring "modular synthesizers, projectors, a rotary phone" producing "harrowing, light-infused, sound-heavy dramatic acts that culminate in sonic collapse."

Future Death Toll is audio, video, and technology-based performance art brought to you by Todd Robert Beaty, David Ian Griess and Edward G Sharp.

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