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Action Artists on Art Focus

By Lisa Radon December 16, 2009

The main reason to listen to Eva Lake’s interview of the artists at Rocksbox Fine Art on her Art Focus talk show on KBOO is to hear Sean Joseph Patrick Carney sing Dolly Parton’s "Jolene" in a Kermit the Frog voice.

Otherwise, I can summarize. Alicia Love McDaid did a section of her Golden Girls meets abortion clinic piece that she performed at the Alembic series at Performanceworks NW. Michael Reinsch describes self as awkward which is why he does performance and will do a piece re: sloth at Rocksbox. Matt Green reprises for radio audience his performance in which audience is applauded whilst he holds a lighter aloft. And Sarah Johnson (who on December 5 had done a version of the Ben Vautier/Alison Knowles Fluxus piece in which Knowles wraps Vautier in string as he plays cello, if memory serves…Johnson wrapped a drummer with something other than string) called someone on the phone. Eva ably wrangles.

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