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Time Ends Now

ends tomorrow

By Lisa Radon December 5, 2009

It would be worth your while to stop into Nationale tomorrow to see a tiny exhibition of photos by Sarah Meadows, Time Ends Now which ends…well, now…tomorrow.

I’m terribly interested in Meadow’s project. How does one employ photography, the medium that wants so badly to represent, to do something else entirely? Sarah says, "I’m interested in the point at which a picture starts to fall apart and become inscrutable, and in making images that, though sourced from a legible photograph, are stripped of information."

She is working toward this in photos of natural landscapes deformed by light flare or possessed of a surreal haziness. Meadows manipulates her images by zooming, cropping, slicing, so leafy trees become abstractions of texture, hue, and form. Most successfully, she shows two larger works shown in vertical or horizontal slices, a further step in loosing image from representation.

(I should apologize to Sarah for my photo of her photo above. You’ll just have to go see it in real life.)

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