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Side Tangled at Half/Dozen

catching you up on the big week

By Lisa Radon December 6, 2009


It’s been an art-filled week beginning with "Side Tangled," Tim Mahan’s one-night-only installation at his gallery Half/Dozen. I’ve made a little slideshow in my sub-par photographic way because I know you all weren’t there, and I wanted you to see this installation of bright yellow nylon rope that began with a curtain of tangled yellow rope in the doorway, nearly empty wooden spools spilling down the stairs. Lengths of the yellow rope puddled on the floor of the main galery and ran up through holes in the rafters high overhead, they alley-ooped over the balcony railing and into the living quarters above. My photos are from early on. As the night went on, people were invited to pull on lengths of the rope like so many bell-ringers, elevating tangles to head height, drawing masses of vivid yellow lines against the white walls. Humble material made art is very of-the-moment, but something about this compelling hue in its humble Home Depot form dancing from door of public space to the very private balcony living space—drawing us in, in fact—appealed.

The next day, the installation was gone.

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