Everyone But Me On Daniel Léveillé

By Lisa Radon December 7, 2009

As it turns out, one way to get every writer in town (but me, sadly) to write about your dance work is to promise/threaten that your dancers will get naked…or so it would seem as Daniel Léveillé Danse company’s weekend run of "Crépuscule des Oceans" ("Twilight of the Oceans") presented by White Bird was covered (inadvertent but acknowledged pun) every which way by Portland’s dance, art, culture writers.

Barry Johnson on his Portland Arts Watch blog for the Oregonian, "The harsh movements of these bodies, clothed or not, the limited vocabulary they are allowed to express, the sheer intensity of their effort, the oppositions implied even when they seek help from each other, the silence and then that highly organized piano accompanying them — this is an austere world that Leveille’s conjured."

Richard Speer for the Willamette Week, "To witness a human body, clothed or otherwise, subjected to these athleticisms is to study our capacity for punishment, not pleasure."

Catherine Thomas for the Oregonian, "Léveillé’s treatment is architectural, a body-as-canvas aesthetic that reveals not only the dancers’ ribs and sinews but the devilish difficulty of execution…."

And Bob Hicks on Art Scatter, "There was a time, years ago, when nudity was so common on the stages of Portland that Mr. Scatter, in the course of scurrying from basement to loft in order to comment on productions in the pages of a certain large periodical of august sensibility, sometimes forgot to mention it. It was just the times."

Almost like being there.
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