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Through the Lens

By Lisa Radon February 8, 2010

Choreographer Danielle Ross is interested in the idea of found performance, both in the sense of the artist creating work from the found and what she calls "found opportunity for viewership." I asked her what the "Fountain" (Duchamp’s R.Mutt-signed urinal) of performance might be.

Ross and a number of other performers explore the ideas around the found (found interaction, found dialogue, found noise/sound) with Through The Lens Tuesday night at 9 PM at Valentines (232 SW Ankeny). It’s a strong lineup mostly featuring performers coming from contemporary dance like Tahni Holt and Linda Austin with improvisational musician Jean Paul Jenkins and arts collective Future Death Toll.

The full lineup:
Danielle Ross with Jean Paul Jenkins (and performers Keyon Gaskin, Leah Wilmoth, Lillian Rossetti, and Robert Tyree)
Linda Austin
Paige McKinney (and performers Esther LaPointe, Beth Loy, Bonni Stover, Taylor Young)
Tahni Holt with Thomas Thorson
Future Death Toll
Little Friction Dance
Suniti Dernovsek

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