When it comes to my house/apartment, the economy has caused me to:

60% Make peace with where I’m at
22% Find a cheaper place
18% Go after a good deal

If I could live anywhere in Portland it would be:

68% In a cool neighborhood like Alberta, Mississippi, Hawthorne, or Belmont
16% In the West Hills with a view
12% In a condo in the Pearl
4% Nowhere. I’m getting out of Portland.

Home decor

Besides price, what is the most important factor in picking a place to live?

42% Walkability
26% Commute
16% Schools
10% Crime
6% Diversity

How much do you plan to spend on beautifying your home this year?

8% More than $10,000
4% Between $5,0000 and $10,000
18% Between $1,000 and $5,000
70% Less than $1,000

Do you own or rent your home?

66% Rent
32% Own
2% Other

Body politic

Given these choices, whom would you vote for in the upcoming gubernatorial election?

60% Undecided
14% John Kitzhaber
14% Bill Bradbury
8% Chris Dudley
4% Allen Alley

The most important job for Oregon’s next governor will be:

48% Creating jobs
28% Fixing the tax structure
22% Keeping the state livable
2% Helping the poor

How would you describe yourself, politically?

58% Democrat
22% Independent
12% Other
8% Republican

When it comes to rain gear, I prefer:

60% Rain jacket
12% Umbrella
28% Hat

State of affairs

Who has the right idea about health care reform?

40% President Obama
36% Progressive Democrats
20% Conservative Democrats
4% Republicans

To solve unemployment, Oregon should:

26% Tax the wealthy to create more government jobs
36% Give tax breaks to businesses that create jobs
38% Unemployment will solve itself as the economy starts to grow again

After Greg Oden’s nude picture scandal, the Trail Blazers should have:

0% Fined Oden
2% Suspended Oden
20% They handled it just right
78% What’s the big deal? [Ahem]

True or False? Beaverton is more culturally diverse than Portland.

38% True
62% False
(Pssst: It’s true.)

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