A Random Survey at the Downtown Food Carts

Vox Populi: A Random Survey at the Downtown Food Carts

Everyday Portland food-cart passersby are queried on random topics of local interest ranging from housing to health care.

March 16, 2010 Published in the April 2010 issue of Portland Monthly

When it comes to my house/apartment, the economy has caused me to:

60% Make peace with where I’m at
22% Find a cheaper place
18% Go after a good deal

If I could live anywhere in Portland it would be:

68% In a cool neighborhood like Alberta, Mississippi, Hawthorne, or Belmont
16% In the West Hills with a view
12% In a condo in the Pearl
4% Nowhere. I’m getting out of Portland.

Home decor

Besides price, what is the most important factor in picking a place to live?

42% Walkability
26% Commute
16% Schools
10% Crime
6% Diversity

How much do you plan to spend on beautifying your home this year?

8% More than $10,000
4% Between $5,0000 and $10,000
18% Between $1,000 and $5,000
70% Less than $1,000

Do you own or rent your home?

66% Rent
32% Own
2% Other

Body politic

Given these choices, whom would you vote for in the upcoming gubernatorial election?

60% Undecided
14% John Kitzhaber
14% Bill Bradbury
8% Chris Dudley
4% Allen Alley

The most important job for Oregon’s next governor will be:

48% Creating jobs
28% Fixing the tax structure
22% Keeping the state livable
2% Helping the poor

How would you describe yourself, politically?

58% Democrat
22% Independent
12% Other
8% Republican

When it comes to rain gear, I prefer:

60% Rain jacket
12% Umbrella
28% Hat

State of affairs

Who has the right idea about health care reform?

40% President Obama
36% Progressive Democrats
20% Conservative Democrats
4% Republicans

To solve unemployment, Oregon should:

26% Tax the wealthy to create more government jobs
36% Give tax breaks to businesses that create jobs
38% Unemployment will solve itself as the economy starts to grow again

After Greg Oden’s nude picture scandal, the Trail Blazers should have:

0% Fined Oden
2% Suspended Oden
20% They handled it just right
78% What’s the big deal? [Ahem]

True or False? Beaverton is more culturally diverse than Portland.

38% True
62% False
(Pssst: It’s true.)

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