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I Want to Be a Lighthouse Keeper

By Lisa Radon April 9, 2010

I Want to Be a Lighthouse Keeper
Kartz Ucci
Alpern Gallery
2552 NW Vaughn
April 2-24. Reception April 9, 6-9 PM

The Portland2010 Biennial keeps rolling out the exhibitions. As one closes (Melody Owen at Art Gym) another opens: Alpern Gallery hosts a reception for Kartz Ucci’s installation "I Want to Be a Lighthouse Keeper" tonight.

“I Want to Be a Lighthouse Keeper,” is a close focused, high-resolution video recording of a 5 mm thick rod of blue neon that has been sped up to reveal the fluctuating luminosity of the neon gas. An amplified recording of the electrical hum of the neon transformer sweeps across the room from a 360 degree soundbar. Ucci describes the work as a distilled, constructed view of a horizon line, filled with potential yet empty.

Read more about it on the School of Architecture and Allied Arts Blog.

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