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Tonight: Many Hats Collaboration Fundraises For Rock Ballet

And here comes Holcombe Waller

By Anne Adams May 26, 2010

Many Hats Collaboration, a small dance and theater company which counts among its directors choreographer Jessica Wallenfels (most recently of Gracie and the Atom), presents a fundraising concert tonight for an upcoming rock ballet, Find Me Beside You, scheduled to open in August. Along with some rumored preview skits is a varied musical bill, featuring bohemian folk, psychedelic dance rock, and the troubadour stylings of local folk singer and performance-art impresario Holcombe Waller. It’s an event that promises to highlight not only the pending production, but also Many Hats’ unprecedented knack for pulling a wide range of artistic expression from its tasteful chapeau. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased here.

Many Hats Collaboration Highlight Reel:

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