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TONIGHT! Pop vs Classical!

A war-room briefing.

By Anne Adams July 22, 2010

Classical Revolution marshals its arsenal.

POP* is about to take City Hall**. An all-ages army, led into battle by Sting-like singer Nick Jaina, will put the stronghold under siege, effectively taking Portland before nightfall.

This coup has sent Classical Revolution PDX*** into retreat. They’ll reassemble their ranks, rumored to be 200 strong**** in The Woods***** to the Southeast, to honor their fallen heroes****** and plan the next foray.

*as broadly defined by PDX POP NOW!

Local POP star Nick Jaina prepares to lead the charge.

**with an all-ages concert on the steps, featuring Nick Jaina, Atole, Kelli Schaefer and the Andrew Oliver Quartet.

actual group name

****via the event’s oblique web writeup

*****actual venue name

******The event will showcase composers who’ve died of syphilis.

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