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The Brothers Young Release New Album

Portland chamber folk’s other Youngs, are making a name for themselves.

By Anne Adams September 3, 2010

Get this gimmick: The Brothers Young is a band which features three actual brothers, actually named “Young.” The group, formed with the encouragement of their elder brother Ritchie Young (frontman of transcendental chamber-folk combo Loch Lomond), brings a darker timbre than Ritchie’s haunting falsetto. Like three Cains to Ritchie’s Abel, the Brothers often sing in a baritone unison, of world-weariness, caution and betrayal—sometimes bursting into open-ended Gregorian harmonies.

Supported by the drumming of Leviethan (whose PCS residency Culturephile covered earlier this summer), and the guitar-playing of Trevino Brings Plenty, the group will present a new EP, Good People, this Sunday at Rontoms (6th and E Burnside), and launch a west-coast tour. Whether or not you brave the Rontoms Sunday-night throng, you ought to lend this pioneering band of brothers your ears.

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