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Decemberistically Drawing

Tonight, two gallery shows split the spotlight, between illustration and indie-rock.

By Anne Adams September 8, 2010


Nationale Gallery Presents Carson Ellis

Between her many well-known installments of Decemberists* cover art, and her reported children’s book collaboration with frontman Colin Meloy, Carson Ellis recently penned pictures for a previously unreleased 70’s Houghton Mifflin title, Dillweed’s Revenge: A Deadly Dose Of Magic. Nationale Gallery will unveil an exhibit of the book illustrations today, and host Ellis for an artist talk and book signing on the 19th.

Mississippi Studios Presents Two-Timer

As the above example…er…illustrates, the indie-rock world is closely enmeshed with the art world. And apparently, "six degrees of Decemberists" emerges as a viable exercise. Rachel Blumberg, Decemberists drummer alum, also draws and paints pieces which fit alongside Ellis’s in a recognizable canon of stylistically similar art that, over time, will probably become as innately linked to an early-2000’s musical movement as Pucci paisleys are to 60’s music. **

An avid promoter of her musical and artistic friends, Blumberg has curated her second annual "Two Timer" show, which features visual art pieces created by well-known local musicians, including the meat-motif collages of The Thermals’ Hutch Harris, the photography of Miss Murgatroid (aka Alicia Rose), and even work from Yo La Tengo’s Georgia Hubley. The show opens tonight in the Mississippi Studios Foyer Gallery. Complete contributor list below:

RACHEL C. BLUMBERG ( M. Ward, The Decemberists, Bright Eyes, Arch Cape, Norfolk & Western, Mirah)
TIM RUTILI (Califone, Red Red Meat)
CORRINA REPP (Tu Fawning, Corrina Repp)
SHELLEY SHORT (Shelley Short)
JOLIE HOLLAND (Jolie Holland)
ALICIA J. ROSE (Miss Murgatroid)
KATHY FOSTER (The Thermals, All Girl Summer Fun Band)
HUTCH HARRIS (The Thermals, Forbidden Friends)
CHARLIE SALAS HUMARA (Panther, Astrology, Ylang Ylang)
SETH MANKOSKI (Arch Cape, Sean Flinn and the Royal We, Oh Captain, My Captain, Jen Moon, Y La Bamba, Yours)

*The Decemberists will play Pioneer Courthouse Square this Saturday at 3pm as part of MusicfestNW.

**The Antiques Roadshow of the future may immediately be able to peg an album as "early-00’s" if its cover art features pen-and-ink illustrations of the following: childlike figures, winter trees, pirate ships, harmless-looking wolves or bears, whales. Only Maurice Sendak and Edward Gorey drawings, will be tossed in the wrong pile.

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