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The forestation, meadow-larking, and jazz standards edition.

By Anne Adams September 27, 2010

The Brothers Young
Fresh from a west-coast tour in support of their new EP, Good People , the Young brothers submit this psychedelic kaleidoscope of—REforestation? As interestingly conceived and carefully constructed as their riffs:

Y La Bamba
The band is still on the west-coast warpath in promotion of their new Tender Loving Empire release Lupon , but meanwhile, here’s a little taste of live magic:

The Sarcastic Dharma Society
The word "bromance" was recently added to the Oxford Dictionary, but not before prolific local indie-rocker Mat Vuksinich and bandmate Trey Young (no relation to the Brothers, but très young, indeed) demonstrated their flowering phileo with a Hoagy Carmichael cover and this blurry summer tableau. Culturephile suggests you check out Dharma’s newest self-released EP, Sanyassa: Songs Of Love, and use this as inspiration for your own afternoon park-frolicking:

Dory Hylton
And finally, a birthday shoutout to this local torch-singing luminary, who celebrated her 70th yesterday at The Woods. "I’m a septuagenarian!" she exclaimed. "When it’s about me, it’s really about me! [Exaggerated stage-wink]." Unsurprisingly, Ms. Hylton doesn’t have a huge online video repertoire, but even a basic point-and-shoot reveals her sultry live stylings:

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