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Moving pictures, swimming men, and inquisitive dancers.

By Anne Adams November 15, 2010

The culture machine never quits, but sometimes, after a long weekend, your synapses start to buzz and spark. You might imagine that the photos on your fridge are moving, as did Cannes Film Festival featuree Anthony Schilling in this dynamic stop-mo short:

Should you experience this symptom, try to relax—perhaps to the poolside rhapsody that locals White Hinterland contributed to Project Runway winner Gretchen Jones’ recent victory lap.

Okay, now that you’ve revived with a trip to the fridge and a dip in the pool, are you ready for an assignment? As Bouand Dance gears up for a Thanksgiving appearance on OPB’s Side Show, the company looks for a few answers from dance fans. Check out this clip, and if you feel inspired to share some thoughts or tips, fill out the Bouand Dance survey!

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