Jeremy Okai Davis at Everyday Wine

By Anne Adams Illustrations by Jeremy Okai Davis December 14, 2010


Hipsterific painter Jeremy Okai Davis has already printed up business cards that say “Thank you for being so great,” so you can’t disappoint him now.

But why would you want to? His signature style is equal parts modern (with bright colors and elegantly errant drips) classic (with lifelike, painterly portraits at the center) and folk—maybe not in the conventional sense of the word, but in a new school, somewhere alongside Chris Haberman, chronicling hipsters in their native environs and their true colors. Many portrait artists use photos as a starting point, but it seems Jeremy Okai Davis uses something closer to photojournalism. And while many young artists in metro habitats seek inspiration in rural motifs beyond their comprehension, Okai Davis’ work is fully present, in the here and now, and captures the here-and-now’s intangibly bold, splashy spirits. His color fields are almost auras for his portrait subjects, and as such, he seems not only a modern painter, but a modern seer.

Go see for yourself tonight at Everyday Wine —or if you’re reading this too late, browse the attached slide show. So great.

Reception is from 7-10pm at 1520 NE Alberta Street. For a more comprehensive list of events, visit PoMo’s Arts & Entertainment Calendar!

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