Laurie Herrick at MoCC

The Museum of Contemporary Craft highlights a master weaver, and champions her craft.

By Anne Adams March 17, 2011

Detail from loose-warp wall-hanging Crater.

This month, the Museum of Contemporary Craft is marshalling its considerable energy to hip you to the life’s work of featured artist Laurie Herrick—but also the art of weaving. Curator Namita Gupta Wiggers has wisely wrangled a range of works and a collection of craft accessories, for every type of arts appreciator.

Craft nerds and weaving wonks should enjoy viewing a loom, sketches, drafts, and even some of Herrick’s spare skeins of yarn.

Inventive or enterprising types will appreciate how Herrick’s consultancy with big textile companies helped pioneer the incorporation of metallic threads into fabrics.

Fashionistas will love Herrick’s handmade apparel, and images from an editorial shoot styled by Adam Arnold.

Structure and discipline slaves will be deeply satisfied by Herrick’s geometric patterns in Three Giraffes, and some other precise pieces, displayed double-sided so you can verify that every thread is tucked into its proper place.

Abstract afficianados, meanwhile, can get a gander at three-layered loose-warp piece Crater. Its unpredictable threads and three-layer-deep construction may just blow your mind.

Progressive forward thinkers will appreciate learning that the MoCC has chosen five artists-in-residence to create new works, riffing off of Herrick’s original vision.

Regardless of your art preferences, you’ll leave the Museum without a doubt: The late Herrick was one of weaving’s most prolific and sophisticated devotees.

Weaving Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow opens Thursday, March 17, and will remain on view until the end of July. For more about Portland arts events, visit PoMo’s Arts & Entertainment Calendar, stream content with an RSS feed, or sign up for our weekly On The Town Newsletter!

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