Exclusive: Logan Lynn World Premiere

Portland electronica phenom Logan Lynn gives Portland Monthly first dibs on his new video, Quickly As We Pass!

By Anne Adams March 21, 2011

DRUMROLL, PLEASE…or perhaps drum machine…
On Thursday, Culturephile proudly presented the WORLD PREMIERE of Logan Lynn’s Quickly As We Pass, directed by Jeffrey McHale, but in case you missed it, we thought we’d let it double as this week’s installment of Monday Fun. Enjoy!

Please note: This is the only place you can view this video until TOMORROW, when it premieres in the UK.

WARNING: NUDITY AND SEXUAL SUGGESTION The video contains nude life-sized 2D cutouts, and in some cases their postures suggest sexual activity. Culturephile had great fun with this, gleefully exclaiming, “Foam-core mounting! Foam-core porn!” But in all seriousness, we feel this video’s use of nudity is artistic and not prurient, and suits the theme of the song.

ENDORSEMENT: Lynn’s accompanying album, I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday, is out now, and 100% of proceeds go to Portland LGBTQ org The Q Center.

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