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Bridgetown’s Coming! 5 Can’t-Miss Comics

Bridgetown Comedy Fest Picks

By John Chandler April 21, 2011

There will soon be over 150 comedians stalking the stages of SE Hawthorne at this year’s edition of the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. In order for you, the consumer, to make better-informed choices about how to spend your comic dollar, festival director Andy Wood recommends cueing up to witness the following quintet of wiseacres.

Warning: The following videos may contain raunchy subject matter and a few swears. Do you have any idea how hard it is to locate comedy clips that don’t include profanity?

Fred Armisen is the co-star of Portlandia. (He also pretends to be Barack Obama and Muammar Qaddafi on some show called Saturday Night Live.) This man needs no introduction—but we’re giving him one anyway.

Eric Andre Andre is a connoisseur of fast food. He also plays the bass.

Brett Gelmanis a regular on Adult Swim’s Eagleheart and a former member of Upright Citizen’s Brigade, the same troupe that spawned Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler.

Kyle Kinane was called “bleak and misanthropic” by the London Evening Standard, which he still feels may be a compliment.

Kristen Schaal is the Senior Women’s Issues correspondent on The Daily Show.

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