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Missed Filmed By Bike? Watch Consolation Vids!

By Anne Adams April 18, 2011

Amid the many joys of Portland culture coverage, we have but one lament: we can’t be everywhere. Though we listed it in our events calendar, we didn’t make it out to this weekend’s Filmed By Bike. Sorry sorry sorry. However, we were relieved (and you might be, too) to learn that the festival website features a movie gallery where you can watch some of the previous fests’ tightest shorts (HA! Sorry) on your own time. In the spirit of Monday fun, we’ve nabbed two music videos that celebrate the steel steed.

This one features possibly the first rap solo ever to invite honies to hop on a tandem.

And this LCD Soundsystem video brilliantly documents Portland’s bike punk scene and its distinctive Mad Max/Tank Girl style. Culturephile can personally certify these people as Portlanders, having seen at least 8 of their faces around town.

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