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Soul’d Out Festival Video Roundup

Hip-hop down memory lane with the fest’s biggest names.

By Anne Adams April 4, 2011

Good morning, and happy Monday from Rapper Ice Cube. Culturephile brings you this past-blast in honor of the artist’s upcoming gig at the Roseland —and we’ve even courteously culled the web for the swear-free MTV version. Now, Cube probably defines a “good day” a little differently than regular Culturephile readers, but whether you’re in the ’hood or at your office “cube,” we can probably all agree that things go smoother when you put away your A.K.!

Now then. Thirteen years ago, long before Esperanza Spalding ’s unexpected Grammy grab, back when the music industry and the New York skyline still seemed unshakable, another gorgeous afro-and-haltar-top-sporting twentysomething won Best New Artist for her solo album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. This weekend Ms. Hill will headline at the Schnitz, so if you need it, take a moment to refresh your memory:

Mos Def raps, battles, acts, and sings. He kicks it with cult comedian Dave Chapelle and eccentric actor/prankster Joaquin Pheonix. He can be cocky or humble, bold or subtle. He’s basically all over the place, which is why this video seems so apropos, showing a studio full of multiple Mos’s. Which one will show up at the Roseland on the 16th? Who knows.

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