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Storm Large Auctions "Breast Prints" For Charity

The PDX diva has found yet another way to make an impression.

By Anne Adams April 1, 2011

Dual portraits of the artist. Left, a conceptual press photo; Right, Large leaves her mark. Click image to see slide show and read artist statements.

Next week in Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland’s preeminent diva provocateur Storm Large intends to go tits-up to support her favorite charity, Schoolhouse Supplies, by auctioning a one-of-a-kind collection of “breast prints.” Her printmaking process? “Think letterpress, only softer,” says Storm.

Click through the slideshow to the left of this article to see a selection of Ms. Large’s extraordinary pieces.

“I generated hundreds of prints, then curated a ‘best-of’ selection, looking for works that emotionally moved me the most, and resonated compositionally,” Storm explains. “This process really gave me a chance to explore the powerful symbolism of the breast. Concepts of nurture, vulnerability, and the human connection to the animal kingdom, all play a role in this show. My Mammalia Phylum series, especially, explores humans’ primal mammalian connection by representing the breast couplet in triplicate, as it would be seen on an animal.” (See figure 9 of the slide show.) Other works have a narrative quality, while still others (especially figs. 7 and 8) seem to feature the breast more purely as objet d’arte , relying on placement and repetition in negative space to create an abstract, yet evocative, landscape.

“These pieces are very close to my heart; I almost hate to part with them.” Storm admits. “But,” she winks, “tits for a good cause.”

Click here for details about the upcoming auction, and links to donate directly to Schoolhouse Supplies.

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