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Monday Fun: Harvey Danger

By Anne Adams May 9, 2011

Many bands only get one hit, one chance to deliver a thought to the world—and many songwriters sadly squandor their soapbox on musings like “Do you like piña coladas?” or “Who let the dogs out?” But northwest nerd-rockers Harvey Danger made the most of their mid-90’s moment, probing straight into the heart of post-punk angst with Flagpole Sitta, an epic, unforgettable musical manifesto.

“I’m not sick, but I’m not well…I wanna publish zines, and rage against machines, I wanna pierce my tongue; it doesn’t hurt, it feels fine…I like to turn off time, and kill my mind….”

On Saturday, Harvey Danger’s Sean Nelson, who now co-owns Seattle-based label Barsuk, emerged from what we can only imagine as a pillow-fort lined with stacks of royalty checks to favor the Doug Fir with his latest endeavor. Nelson sings Nilsson is a tribute to predecessor Harry Nilsson, who penned several clever tunes but is best known for One. Watch the following clip, and keep your ears perked for the familiar refrain about “the loneliest number that you’ll ever know.” When you’re done, maybe scope some of our prior installments of Monday Fun.

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