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Monday Fun: Red Fang

Meet your local metal.

By Anne Adams May 16, 2011

Armed with a furniture-flattening onslaught of bar chords and a punishing attack of drums, late-blooming local heshers Red Fang are staging a 2011 summer takeover of Godsmack and Megadeth on the metal juggernaut “Rock Star Mayhem Tour.”

But when the Red Fang boys really wanna wreck stuff, they use a secret weapon: video producer and Jackass alumnus Rob “Whitey” McConnaughy. Their first McConnaughy collab, Prehistoric Dog, trades heavily on the cheapo cred of PBR, as well as a near-universal urge to heckle fantasy role-players (“Hey Gandalf: Nice dress!”) This frivolity, in our opinion, makes it great fodder for Monday Fun.

The group released its second McConnaghy video, Wires, on the 12th to help promote its latest record, Murder the Mountains —which it incidentally recorded with the Decemberists’ Chris Funk. As you watch Wires , contemplate:
~ the groundbreaking vision of original watermelon-smasher Gallagher
~ the “budget crunch” that plagues even the most decadent rock videos these days
~ how the calcium in milk and the whole grains in beer make for a balanced diet
~ the unique creative paradise of Portland, where metal lions, chamber-folk lambs, and skate-punk jackasses, can all peacefully coexist.

Happy Monday.

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