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Augen’s Handmade Holograms

James Minden’s Light Drawings scratch the surfaceof the mind’s eye.

By Anne Adams June 13, 2011

Look very closely at the following images; they are not 3-D. I repeat: not 3-D.
Nor are they digital, nor do they require a projector of any kind. Despite their appearance of high-tech innovation, these pieces from James Minden’s Light Drawings are actually flat sheets of plastic, hand-scratched to behave like holograms. Man imitating the work of a machine is a philosophically fascinating role reversal, but that’s no more or less relevant than the fact that these are really cool.

James Minden’s Light Drawings are on view at Augen Gallery all this month alongside Wendy Franklund’s “Whirl.” For more about Portland arts events, visit PoMo’s Arts & Entertainment Calendar, stream content with an RSS feed, or sign up for our weekly On The Town Newsletter!

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