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Album Release: Rachel Taylor Brown

The relatively obscure but undeniably excellent local songstress finally reveals her seventh album, World So Sweet.

By Anne Adams July 28, 2011

The name “Rachel Taylor Brown” may ring a bell from our March issue, or from our prior posting of this video:

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Well, the singer’s hotly anticipated seventh album, World So Sweet, is finally here. Adorned by a mysterious black-light mantarey, the album features the foreshadowed 50-piano salute, the engineering talents of Jeff Stuart Saltzman (who’s also worked with regional heavies like Death Cab, Malkmus, and the Decemberists) and instrumental cameos from members of Menomena.

Taylor Brown will unveil her latest masterpiece at Mississippi Studios this Friday, alongside Michael the Blind and the Brothers Young. Based on her prior performances, you can safely expect a commanding presence and a thrilling tableau of texture and skill.

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