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OBT’s "Coffee Break" Series

Oregon Ballet Theater shows you how to bring battement balance and plié poise to your office job.

By Anne Adams August 22, 2011

Funny thing about ballet dancers: Even when they’re being “funny,” they’re always a little preoccupied with whipping themselves, and others, into ever better shape. Ha ha ha. Sit up straight.

Lately, OBT is extending its good humor and good graces to the cubicle-bound class, offering advice on how you—an ordinary slouch—can improve your posture, musculature, and epaulement in just a few simple moves. With the trademark cheesiness and off-kilter pacing that typically accompany office instructional films, Gavin Larsen (whom many local dancers consider a great maven of technique) plays the “Sassyplum Fairy,” demonstrating ballet positions that you—yes, even you—can do.

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