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Obama Loves AgesAndAges!

After his latest performance of “Let’s Stay Together,” the president launches into “No Nostalgia” (sensing a theme?)

By Aaron Scott February 9, 2012

Okay, we can’t actually confirm the headline. But we do know that someone on the Obama campaign is a fan, because AgesAndAges’s “No Nostalgia” just made the cut of the 29 songs his re-election campaign will play at rallies, speeches, and other events. They’re alongside legends like Bruce Springsteen, Aretha Franklin, and, of course, Al Green, along with arena acts like U2 and No Doubt. They’ll be lifting the moods and serving the hope to millions of American’s of all types and stripes, which is crazy big news for Portland’s charming champions of folk harmonies and hand claps.

“No Nostalgia,” eh, Mr. President? Not even just a little for your 2008 campaign? Guess we just have to Stand Up, Raise Up, and Keep on Pushing, because it’s gonna get Even Better Than The Real Thing (you can see a complete list and listen to all the songs at The Wall Street Journal).

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