Back Fence PDX Greatest Hits!

At the Mission Theater Thursday and Friday

By Aaron Scott March 28, 2012

If the local storytelling phenom Back Fence PDX created a live greatest-hits album, this would be it:

Side A – Be Careful What You Wish For: Dreams, Idols, Obsessions (Thursday night):

Lauren Weedman (LA) – Los Angeles funny woman you might recognize from The Daily Show and HBO’s Hung
Beth Lisick (SF)New York Times best-selling author and humorist
Arthur Bradford (PDX) – author and director of a documentary about the construction-paper-animation gut buster South Park, called Six Days to Air: The South Park Story
Bridget Pilloud (PDX) – Pet psychic
Amber Jo (PDX) – Radical social worker and undefeated leg wrestler in four states
Eric Scheur (PDX) – Freelance animator and karaoke junkie

Side B – Just Can’t Get Over It: Revenge, Heartache, Insanity, Anticipation (Friday night):

Lauren Weedman (LA) – see above
Beth Lisick (SF) – see above
Adam Arnold (PDX) – Portland fashion designer whose wit is sharper than his shears
Dayvid Figler (LV) – Lawyer and commentator on The Nancy Grace Show
Matt Smith (SEA) – World class benefit auctioneer
Jeff Hardison (PDX) – ‘Meridian’ mobile-app creator and foosball champ

Both will happen this Thursday and Friday at the Mission Theater. Break out your lighters.

Also, this recently in: just when you thought there were no more jokes to be made at Portland’s expense, Lauran Weedman is working on a new one-woman show about Portland to premiere at Portland Center Stage April 23–June 19. Preview below:

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