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Dan Savage’s Fierce Tweets

The founding fathers wore wigs…and other harsh truths.

By Anne Adams March 7, 2012

Outspoken liberal sex columnist and radio persona Dan Savage, who famously brought us the “It Gets Better” campaign and the R-rated second definition of “Santorum,” will be in town this weekend, as the celebrity guest at an ACLU Dinner . Culturephile snoops on a few of his Tweets to see where his mind is lately.

On Santorum…

Amused that a friend of a friend defended Rick Santorum on Facebook: “It’s not his fault that he’s named that!”

Santorum didn’t get CATHOLIC vote in MI or AZ, @aravosis? Maybe that’s because 98% of Catholic women (and men!) use birth control?

Santorum is losing MI—and I’m sitting down to dinner with big gay husband and our son. (Pork loin with apples.) All is well in the world.

On politics as usual…

Snobs who went to college—snobs with GEDs—can tell you that no women signed the Declaration. Men in wigs & silk capri pants? Yes. Women? No.

NPR reveals Romney’s GOP nom strategy: win as many delegates as possible. Romney in trouble if Santorum hears report, adopts same strategy.

Palin votes for Gingrich, or: Quitter Picks Loser.

I fell asleep in front of the teevee last night watching @maddow and missed Rachel calling me a “genius” on teevee.

On sexual politics in particular…

Rush: If “we” pay for your birth control, you must release sex tapes. American people paid for Callista’s BC when she was cheating w Newt.
Release your sex tapes, Callista!

For the record: men use contraception too. #obvious

On new rhetorical hobby-horse, the #gaydictator hash tag, Inspired by Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko’s “Better a dictator than gay” comment…

If I was gay dictator… I would require the NBA to bring back ’60s and ’70s uniforms. Short-shorts & tight tanks!

Travel musings…

Waiting in D gates at St. Louis’s airport. The aesthetics offend. #gaydictator would have it torn down, have earth under it salted.

Hm… there are bath salts in this hotel room. You’re supposed to smoke those, right?

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