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NPR’s World Cafe Is Trollin’ around the Portland Music Scene

NPR Music rivals the New York Times in its love of Portland

By Aaron Scott March 14, 2012

World Cafe, a fantastic music program on NPR that OPB sadly doesn’t carry (hello, OPB, do we really need Terry Gross twice a day?), is currently pointing its microphone Portland’s way. For the second installment in their new quarterly series, Sense of Place (the first stop was Dublin), host David Dye and company visited town last September to put together a week long series that’s airing this week. Yesterday they kicked off with an interview with Colin Meloy about The Decemberists and how Portland’s music scene has changed in the last 10 years. Today they talked with Music Millennium owner Terry Currier about the history of local record stores and bands, many of whom he played on the show, from Paul Revere & The Raiders to Laura Veirs. Still to come: an interview with producer Tucker Martine and more. Also, there’s a Portland playlist and interactive map containing songs and locations you undoubtedly already know, because you live here.

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