TEDxPortland Gallery: A First Look

By Anne Adams March 30, 2012


Editor’s Note: In an earlier version of this post, we inadvertently conflated two upcoming TEDx events. The first, TEDxConcordiaUPortland, is taking place this Saturday, May 31, and the second, TEDxPortland, is on April 21. Like all TEDx events, they are independently and locally organized. We’ve amended this post to include more information for TEDxPortland.

Those of you who are already familiar with TED (the California-based, worldwide-web-broadcast series of scintillating lectures that feature some of the world’s brightest scientists, artists, and humanitarians) and independent offshoots TEDx apparently can’t wait for April 21, when a local group of organizers are putting on the second round of their TEDxPortland event. With the theme of Uncharted Territory, it will spotlight some of our “local luminaries,” including both Ziba and WK’s directors of strategic planning, Mercy Corps’ global gender adviser Sahar Alnouri, Mayor Sam Adams, recent Portland transplant and artist Aithan Shapira, and the artists behind Finding Oregon, an amazing time lapse photographic journey across the state (see below). Seems you guys so hotly anticipated seeing these folks shine that TEDxPortland sold out day-of-sale.

“Oh dear,” you may be saying if you missed this teeming bandwagon. “What to do?”

First, breathe into a bag and remember that TED and many TEDx programs make their talks universally accessible on the web. In the place of “had-to-be-there” elitism, there’s simply an ever-burgeoning viral empire of “must-see.” All this to say, you can still “catch” the next wave of TEDxPortland talks…virally.

Second, if you really want to go, TEDxPortland is hosting a contest: submit a one-minute video showcasing what “Uncharted Territory” means to you, and the top ten videos will win tickets.

Finally, you’re more than welcome to don your golashes and traipse over to the Eastside, where, on 10th and Burnside, an erstwhile dilapidated trophy shop has suddenly sprung into bloom as the TEDxPortland corner gallery, curated by Compound Gallery’s Nathan Tabor. Some titles riff on a “Cascadia” concept, or themes of topography and terrain, while others honor regional memes like Nike shoes and maple bacon bars. Better and more pictures are pending, but meanwhile we invite you to click on the enclosed skateboard image and enjoy PM’s spy-cam swoop.

Finally, this is just magic:

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